Good Samaritan School – Christian Education

Good Samaritan Episcopal Preschool Christian Education program integrates spiritual and religious awareness into all aspects of the educational experience and prepares students to build lives of genuine meaning, purpose, and service in the world they inherit. We are committed to student learning and development through character education incorporating basic Christian principles and values. We believe in teaching each student to honor their faith by striving for excellence daily and making good use of the amazing resources provided to us for our use.children in chapel


Students receive age appropriate religious studies learning who God is, his work, and his attributes. They learn an appreciation for their personal worth and how to use their talents in God’s world. Since 1993, hundreds of students have benefited from our commitment to “teaching the things that matter most.” It is our conviction to teach children to think, learn, and live from a spiritual worldview. The students’ confidence in their faith is increased through chapel services and classroom instruction. Our Preschool students attend Chapel on Mondays with Father Simon.

All Students, no matter of what faith, are invited to experience Anglican spirituality at school and to participate in worship, without being urged to adopt it for themselves or their family.


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